Tournament Rules

Rules for the Ohio United CUP 2021 Tournament


The tournament is open to presently registered USYSA/USSF teams. Maximum roster size is a follows 

Maximum player roster size for U9-U10 playing 7v7 is 14 players. 

Maximum player roster size for U11-U12 playing 9v9 is 18 players. 

Maximum player roster size for U13-U19 playing 11v11 is 22 players 

All teams may have four guest players. Players must be currently registered with a team by their State Association and will be required to produce their player passes. No player will be permitted to play on more than one team during the tournament. 

Travel permission forms must be filed by all teams outside of the Ohio Youth Soccer Association to be eligible to compete in the Ohio United FC Events.


International Rules (FIFA/USSF) apply with the following exceptions: 

Substitutions must be at the mid-field line and enter the game only with the consent of the referee. Substitutions may be made: 

1. After a goal by either team. 

2. Before any goal kick by either team. 

3. Before a throw-in in your favor / opponent may substitute if throwing team does 

4. At the beginning of any period of play. 

5. After an injury, by either team, when the referee stops play. 

6. After a caution, the cautioned player may be substituted. 

Ties after preliminary rounds will be determined as described under "Tie-Breakers" in these rules. 


Scores will be posted on the website as quickly as possible. Coaches should report any discrepancies to Headquarters prior to their next game.  Coaches/Team Admins are responsible for verifying the game card is correct with center referee and signing said card.  Failure to do so may result in your team not being awarded the correct result of the game.


Setup is as follows: 

Age; Preliminary Games; Final Games 

U9-U10; 50 minutes; 50 minutes Size 4 Ball

U11-U12; 60 minutes; 60 minutes Size 4 Ball

U13-U19; 70 minutes; 70 minutes Size 5 Ball


Teams are expected to be prepared to start games on time. Any team unable to start within 10 minutes of the designated kick-off time may forfeit. The tournament officials reserve the right to decide all matters concerning a forfeit. 


There shall be no dissent between players, coaches or fans and the referee. Questioning a referee's call is considered dissent. All coaches are urged to solicit the support of their fans in monitoring and enforcing this policy. Coaches will be held responsible for the behavior of their fans. Any player or coach ejected from a game will be ineligible to participate in the next scheduled game. For very serious offenses the player or coach may be declared ineligible for more than one game. No substitution will be allowed for the ejected player. 


1. Shin guards are mandatory and must be covered by a sock. 

2. Shirts/jerseys will be tucked into the player's shorts at all times. 

3. In the event of a color conflict, the home team (first team listed on schedule) will change color. 


Each team will be awarded 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie and 0 points for a loss.

In the event of ties in the group standing, the following procedure will determine the group winner: 

1. Winner of the game played between the tied teams (if three or more teams are tied for the group lead go to step 2). 

2. Highest number of total NET goals (goal differential). Maximum goal differential per game is 4. (i.e. for a score of 5-1, goal differential is 4 for the winner and -4 for the loser. For a score of 6-1, goal differential is also 4 and -4 as above). 

3. Fewest total goals allowed (Max goals allowed per game is 4). 

4. Most defensive shut-outs. 

5. Coin toss. (Tournament Committee will determine how the coin flip will occur with the tied teams.) 

Placement of the Wild Card teams is at the discretion of the Tournament Committee. 


Tie Break - Championship Round: 

In the event of a tie in the championship game, the winner will be determined as follows: 

U9-U12 (7v7 & 9v9) will play two five (5) minute periods played to completion. (No Golden Goal)

U13-U19 (11v11) will play two ten (10) minute periods played to completion. (No Golden Goal)

If there is still no winner in order to break the tie Penalty Kicks will be taken. 


FIFA kicks from the mark rules will apply unless otherwise stated in the following paragraph. Players on the field at the end of the second overtime period will be eligible to take penalty kicks. Small sided games will have 9 or 7 eligible players and the second round and then every second round after that will have 4 or 2 players (9v9 games - 5,4,5,4,etc. and 7v7 games - 5,2,5,2). Each team will select five (5) first round players and five (5,4,2) second round players. A coin flip will determine who will go first (visiting teams calls). The most goals scored after five kicks for each team wins the game (first round). If the score remains tied, teams will alternate the remaining (5,4,2) shooters until there is an unmatched goal between the teams(second round). If there is no winner after the 1st and 2nd round the teams will provide a new list of kickers from all eligible players. Note: if there are not 10 eligible players for either team; both teams will provide an equal amount of players based on the team with the least amount of players. Example Team A has total of 10 players and Team B has a total of 8 players then round one will consist of 5 players and round two will consist of 3 players for both teams. 


Protests will not be allowed. 


If a game is temporarily suspended due to weather problems, each coach must instruct their players to leave the fields and go to the safety of their cars. Players should remain in their cars until the referees reenter the field. The coach of each team must check with their site's tournament headquarters for instructions. The tournament committee reserves the right to shorten or cancel games to protect the participants on the field. 


Coaches are required to bring player cards and medical release forms to every game. 

Ohio United FC has every intention of using a 3 Man Ref Crew for all Games.  This may change at the discretion of the Tournament Committee to use a 2 Man system, on small sides matches to keep games on time and not delay other games, due to ref injury, weather delays, ref shortage or whatever reason necessary.  All teams affected will be notified before the start of their game ASAP.


Effective 7/1/16 for all league or tournament U11 and younger games played in Ohio South are prohibited from deliberately striking a soccer ball with any portion of their head (aka heading). 

The rule is as follows: 

- If a U11 or younger player engages in heading a soccer ball during the tournament the parents /guardians and the player accept the risk and/or peril of doing so. 

- When a player deliberately strikes the ball with his/her head during the tournament , Referees and Assistant Referees of that game must consider the act to be a "Safety Issue" infraction. 

- An indirect free kick (IFK) is awarded to the opposing team from the spot of the infraction. 

- If the infraction is within the goal area, the IFK should be taken on the goal area line parallel to the goal line at the point nearest to where the infraction occurred. 

- If the ball makes contact with the player’s head and the player has not deliberately played or attempted to play the ball, then play should continue as no infraction has occurred. 

- A player shall not be cautioned nor sent-off for persistent infringement, as a result of a heading infraction. 

- A player shall not be cautioned nor sent-off for denying an obvious goal scoring opportunity as a result of a heading infraction